AP Automation in the Cloud!

Invoice data capture, invoice processing, complex approval workflows, sophisticated PO matching and a searchable archive for audits and investigations

Boost productivity in the finance department

Have invoice data entered automatically, automate approval workflows to reduce time and effort, have POs automatically matched to invoices and goods receipts. A complete time-stamped audit trail provides transparency.

96% of Palette customers feel that the platform fulfills expectations, and 95% consider Palette to be a worthwhile investment.


Save time and money by digitizing your invoice processing and minimizing manual work. No user license fees.


Palette gets high marks from customers for “ease of use”. Once workflows are set up functions are automatic.


Get an overview of all incoming supplier invoices and where the approval bottlenecks are.


Full security and compliance accreditations including HIPAA, SOC 1, SOC 2, ISO 27001, GDPR, and PEPPOL.

Empowers users across the organization

PEAB Automates Their AP

Peab is a leading construction and civil engineering company listed on NASDAQ with 15,000 employees and $5 Billion+ in revenue. PEAB has eliminated all their manual touch points and the AP process is now completely automated.

250,000+ Users

Over 2,500 clients worldwide

Stena Line
Saint Gobain
Canadian North

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Before we deployed Palette, our invoicing system was labor-intensive and time consuming for staff. Automated processing has significantly increased our overall efficiency, shortened payment cycles and helped to improve the manageability of transactions.

Emily Grantham, AP Supervisor

ERP Integrations

SAP Business One
Sage 200
Microsoft Dynamics AX
Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Dynamics 365 Business Central
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations
Quickbooks Desktop
Quickbooks Online

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Accounts Payable Automation

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Slash invoice processing costs in half with productive SaaS AP Automation for complex approval workflows that handle both PO and Non-PO invoices. A sophisticated matching engine matches POs to invoices and goods receipts. Exceptions and non-PO invoices are sent to the appropriate approver.

Drag and drop ad-hoc rerouting is available to administrators, and no coding is required! Approvers get a 1-click approval in email with all the necessary documents provided.

Trusted by Banks in the US, Europe & Australia. Full security and compliance accreditations in the US including HIPAA, SOC 1, SOC 2, ISO 27001, GDPR, and PEPPOL. Palette is a configurable, modules-based solution available on-premise or in the cloud.
  • Global solution for multiple ERPs, countries, currencies, and tax rules
  • Unlimited users—no user license costs
  • Bulletproof compliance control and minimal IT involvement

Palette Software’s accounts payable automation solution helps you automate invoice capture, invoice matching and approval workflows. With our system, the entire process is digitized, eliminating manual repetitive errors and cutting processing times in half. This is how it works:

1. Palette’s invoice data capture solution handles email-, paper- and e-invoices. Email and paper invoices are digitized using artificial intelligence and capture automation. Accuracy rate for our automated invoice capture is 95% for paper and 100% for electronic formats. More about invoice capturing

2. When invoice data has been captured, all invoices get visible in the Accounts Payable view of Palette’s AP Automation software. The system automatically assigns a proposal for the account posting and the approval workflow for each invoice.

3. Palette’s accounts payable automation solution matches vendor invoices to internal or external purchase orders and goods receipts. Our PO Matching engine automatically matches hundreds of lines on a purchase order or invoice – saving you both time and money. Only PO invoices with a variance are sent out in a pre-defined, digital approval workflow. More about PO workflow

4. For cost invoices, i.e. invoices without an underlying PO or contract, a pre-defined workflow is used. The appropriate approver gets a notification by email. Invoices can be reviewed and approved online, using a computer, tablet or cellphone. All invoice data is presented in one single view and it’s easy see the routing of each invoice. More about digital approval workflow

5. ​​Fully matched and approved invoices are transferred to your ERP system for payment – via seamless system integration. Palette Software offers standard integrations to 50+ ERP system in the market. For example:
Accounts payable automation SAP
AP Automation for Dynamics 365
Automated Invoice Processing for NetSuite

6. When the invoice is paid, payment information from the ERP is transferred back to Palette. The invoice will be archived and remain available in Palette’s AP Automation Software for future searches, reports and upcoming audits.
Benefits of Palette Software’s accounts payable automation solution

  • Decrease in time spent by AP department (up to 80%)
  • Shortened turnaround times from days to minutes
  • Up to 97% less errors
  • Cost savings from 40% up to 60%

Accounts Payable Automation is enterprise software and refers to the process where supplier invoice processing is digitized and automated. Typical tasks that are automated include invoice data capture, approval workflow, PO matching or matching against other dimensions (i.e. goods receipt or contract).

The first step is invoice scanning and invoice capture. Palette’s invoice data capture solution handles both email and paper invoices with OCR and Digital Capture in the cloud. The software processes files in any format including PDF, EDI, XML, Word, Excel, JPG, TIFF, XML, CSV, and more, with a very high capture accuracy rate for both paper and electronic formats.

Once invoice data has been digitized, the accounts payable automation software generates flow proposals for every invoice, based on different dimensions, i.e. PO, supplier or reference.

PO invoices are matched by the accounts payable automation software, which means that
hundreds of lines on a purchase order or invoice are handled in seconds. Only PO invoices with a variance and cost invoices are sent out in a pre-defined, digital approval workflow.

The approver gets notified by an email and can then review and approve the invoice by using a computer, tablet or cellphone.

Fully matched and approved invoices are transferred to the ERP via seamless system integration. Invoice data is automatically booked in the General Ledger. When the invoice is paid, payment information is transferred back to the accounts payable automation software, where it remains available for future searches and reports.

Palette Software was founded in the early 1990’s and has almost 30 years experience of developing accounts payable automation solutions. Our offering consists of two different AP solutions, Palette and Centsoft, which match to different organizations in terms of size, complexity and the desired level of automation. Whether you want a streamlined ready to go system based on best practices (Centsoft) or a powerful solution to automate your entire accounts payable process (Palette) – we can help.
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