Bank Security Standards

A deep dive into the security framework for SecureP2P

New technologies are driving innovation and disrupting financial services faster than ever before. In the face of FinTech start-ups encroaching upon established markets, executives are demanding more from their IT departments. Increased efficiency driven by game-changing innovation is not an option—it’s a must.

Meanwhile, financial services clients have had their expectations set by other industries. They’re demanding better services, more value for money, and seamless, omnichannel experiences. Regulators are also demanding more from the industry, adopting new technologies to revolutionize data collection and analytics.

Partnership with Project Hosts

In April 2019 Palette and Project Hosts made available SecureCloud P2P, an ultra-secure white label Purchase to Pay Cloud service for banks and financial institutions. The two companies came together to design and deploy both private and public cloud environments offering unparalleled uptime, infrastructure, security, compliance, and support.

Not only are financial institutions looking to leverage treasury management service revenues, they also want to attract new customers and maximize customer retention. (Find out more about SecureCloudP2P here).

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