Manage Recurring Invoices and Contracts

Automate Recurring Invoices and Contract Management

Simplify your contract management with a digital solution that enables automated matching of recurring invoices. Get automated reminders when contracts are to be terminated or renewed. Use the solution for self-billing – all possible with PaletteContract.

A large part of your invoice volume may be recurring invoices based on underlying contractual agreements. That includes electricity bills, telecom bills, cleaning and other subscription services. These invoices are registered as contracts that are approved only once.

Zero touch invoices

After one single approval, the invoices turn into “zero touch invoices” that will inherit the account posting form of the contract, and automatically matched and transferred into the ERP for payment.

With our module for recurring invoices  you get a platform for the digital archiving of contracts and the set up of automated reminders for renewal and/or cancellation of contracts.

Our product expert Maria Hult will explain the advantages of Palette’s module for recurring invoices and contract management. It’s a 30 minute presentation.

What you’ll learn:

  • Automation of recurring invoices
  • The advantages of a digital contract archive
  • Self-billing

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Should you prefer the Swedish version of this webinar, you find it here: Avtalshantering med full kontroll

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Manage Recurring Invoices
and Contracts

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