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We embrace mobility

The ever-growing mobility trend together with cloud computing makes it increasingly important for companies to reconsider the structure of their business processes and the supporting systems.

Employees need to be able to access business-critical tools remotely and execute their tasks in an effective way even when out of the office. This obviously means that system vendors, us included, must adapt the features and functionalities of the product suites accordingly.

Customer needs are our driving factor

Palette has always paid great attention to our customers’ needs. Service and quality has always been very important to us, but now we are taking our dedication one step further. As announced in the beginning of this year, 2017 will be all about enabling more efficient and intelligent ways of working in order to unleash the full potential of our customers’ organizations.

Empower your organization

One of the key highlights in 2017 will be the launch of PaletteArena 6.5 in the end of Q1. We have upgraded PaletteArena to reflect the needs of the digitalized organization where responsibility is allocated to organization while maintaining control over company’s total spending.

PaletteArena 6.5 enables your employees to work with business-critical tools where ever they are and whenever they choose to. All PaletteArena procure-to-pay functionality and features will be available for mobile use in the latest version of PaletteArena. So whether you are using your mobile device, a tablet or a lap top you can e.g. check and authorize invoices, approve purchases and even assign account codes regardless of your physical location.

So while increasing the efficiency in your processes you also enhance the control and visibility of your spending. Sounds interesting? Follow our blog for more news coming soon…

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