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To send and receive E-invoices is cost effective and environmentally friendly

Scanning and invoice archiving are a thing of the past. Start sending and receiving e-invoices with Palette today. We promise you – it’s easy!

Go electronic and greatly reduce paper, time and cost associated with customer and supplier invoices. We process, translate and deliver your invoices in any format, all around the world.

Advantages with e-invoices from Palette:

  • Search, invite and easily connect business partners in our portal
  • Validation
  • 100% data accuracy
  • Time saving
  • Cost effective
  • Environment friendly

Inbound invoices
Inbound invoices

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Outbound invoices
Outbound invoices

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With Palette you get access to a large international network of interconnections for e-Invoices.

In our Network Portal you can easily invite your business partners to expand your trading network. Palette processes, validates and delivers your e-invoices in any format that your business partners require, anywhere in the world.



Some of the brands using E-invoices
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