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PaletteNetwork enables you to start trading electronic documents with your business partners anywhere in the world.


Automate your business transactions

PaletteNetwork is a platform to automate the sending and receiving of business transactions electronically. Palette has numerous interoperability agreements with other VAN/EDI operators which gives your business easy access to a huge network of business partners.

With PaletteNetwork we provide a multi-channel approach to reduce paper transactions from an organization in a shorter time frame than any other.


PaletteNetwork manages any type of e-document

While e-invoices are still dominating the market, PaletteNetwork can handle any type of electronic document. Orders, invoices, price lists, delivery notes etc. Sending and receiving e-documents with PaletteNetwork is easy, time saving and cost effective. Increase the accuracy of information in your business transactions compared to manually data entered or scanned and interpreted documents. Also, expand your business network by connecting new business partners through our on-boarding service in our Network Portal.