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Manage your purchase to pay process in the cloud

With Palette in the Cloud you get a cost effective, secure and scalable solution which matches your company’s business flows, invoices, contracts, purchase orders and employee expenses.

SaaS solution for P2P

Palette’s Cloud solution contains all the product features needed to automate the entire process from purchase to pay. This means no costly investment in hardware. Operation, maintenance and upgrades are included in the package and managed by Palette’s technical specialists.

Accounts payable automation in the cloud

The core of the solution is automated invoice processing and workflows for distribution and authorising supplier invoices. To further streamline the process, the solution offers functionality for contract management, budget requisitions, expense management, purchasing and purchase order matching.

Intuitive interface and easy access wherever your are

Palette has an intuitive interface, which makes it easy for anyone in the organisation to get started and manage their invoices. Access the cloud-based solution via your smartphone or tablet. Make account postings or even authorise invoices with a few clicks, directly from your mobile phone.

Seamless upgrades

Palette is a cloud-based SaaS model, which means you will always get access to the latest upgrades and releases of new functionality. Updates are included in the subscription and take place without any time-consuming and expensive upgrade projects.

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