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Intelligent Purchase to Pay

Because the AP process affects so many roles in an organization, and due to the complexity and uniqueness of AP procedures in every industry, AP software has to be powerful enough to account for all the variables – and yet have deep enough expertise to provide an intuitive experience for users.

Palette Software is a leading provider of Purchase to Pay automation, with 3,500 clients and 200,000+ users worldwide. It provides intelligent functionality for four different process areas: Prepare & Digitalize, Match & Approve, Request & Purchase, and Budget & Spend Analytics. It’s a modules based solution that grows with the organization and is available on-premise or in the cloud.

Palette is a global solution for multiple ERPs, countries, currencies and tax rules, with unlimited users and no user license costs, bulletproof compliance control and minimal I.T. involvement.

We believe in creating intuitive, powerful software so that everyone the AP process touches has more time for their job. In other words, we’re making AP (and you) look great – in more ways than one.

Acquisition of Centsoft

In May 2018 Palette acquired software-as-a-service (SaaS) invoice automation specialist Centsoft. This Swedish cloud company delivers an easy-to-use accounts payable automation solution, which is highly appreciated among small and medium sized businesses. Read more about the Centsoft solution here.

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