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Transform the purchase to pay process- a very cost saving initiative

The CIO has one of the most challenging and exiting roles in a modern business. You need to maintain an efficient IT platform that delivers the day to day business processes and at the same you are expected to work proactively to find new ways to enhance that business.

Our suite of products at Palette make it easy for the CIO to be creative and drive the discussion during meetings in real time and master the organisations business processes and opportunities effectively.

Transform your purchase to pay process to bring big opportunities

Purchase to pay is a business critical process that can be significantly improved with a relatively small and controlled implementation project. A significant ROI can be quickly and easily achieved giving your business faster and better control with more accurate data. A modern P2P solution can be implemented in the cloud or as a traditional on premise installation.

An ERP solution or a Purchase to pay solution?

Looking at your ERP or the Business Solution software may seem the easiest option to handle the purchase to pay process. However, many have limited functionality and often only solve part of the process. An end to end purchase to pay platform is all about optimising these processes whilst recognising that the process does not end at the purchase order but extends to include requisition, accounts payable and payment processes.

We listen. Our experts will take the time to understand your current systems and processes. The key is to optimise and integrate with your existing finance or ERP investment. End to End automation will maximise supplier savings and reduce your labour costs and will show a real impact on your bottom line profitability.

Get started to day and talk to our experts or use our Resource centre for purchase to pay.