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Time to Empower Your Organization!

Today is a good day! We are taking one step further on our quest for supporting companies in their digital transformation. Not only are we continuing to help our customers to go paperless but also supporting other aspects of their digital journey. The ever-growing mobility trend together with cloud computing puts pressure on companies and their IT and business structures. Simultaneously the possibility to automate processes and workflows sets whole new business requirements and expectations on employees.

The solution has arrived

Today we launch PaletteArena 6.5: our 100% mobile solution that enables companies to answer to the various challenges within their procurement and finance departments. Not only does PaletteArena support you in automatizing your daily routines, it also helps you to allocate tasks in your organization without losing control. Meanwhile you can use your time for identifying growth opportunities that drives your company forward.

To Support Your Digital Transformation

Some of the key features in PaletteArena 6.5 supporting the digital transformation are:

  • PaletteBuyer makes it easier than ever before to regulate and automate companies’ purchasing functions. Much like a user-friendly web shop, PaletteBuyer lets users find the right product or vendor by entering search requirements according to their specific needs.
  • PaletteMobile enables users to work with business-critical tools wherever they are and whenever they choose to.
  • PaletteBudget allows users to make a budget request and to then allocate a specific amount to an investment project. Early warnings are sent if the budget is likely to be exceeded, ensuring perfect control over all the spending process associated with the project.
  • PaletteDocuments further simplifies administration by letting users handle any documentation digitally, thus saving the need for physical documents while also enabling users to share documents in a safe and efficient way.


Take on the challenge of empowering your organization! Learn more about PaletteArena 6.5 here or read the press release.

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