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The man and The machine

The human brain is not capable of predicting the future. But for a linear functioning computer it is “a walk in the park”. Computers can scan so much information that a pattern is created, which enables a computer to calculate what will (probably) happen. With teamwork between the man and the machine we can reach heights unheard of.

Is the human intellect too limited?

Human intellect can be an expression for speed and functionality in life, but its storage- and information capacity is limited compared to a computer. Computers on the other hand cannot adapt and learn like humans. Our brain can analyse new and unknown situations in a way that no computer can. We can, based on our previous experiences, draw conclusions about new situations and experiment with different modes of action, until we find the best way to proceed.

A human brain with its limited capacity is however not as powerful as a computer. But a whole team of humans working on the same problem, can still beat the machine. If a corporation wants to analyse its data, a good start could be to put together an analytical team. The team must be diverse and not only contain analysts and computer experts, but also people understanding business and human behaviour, in order to achieve optimal efficiency in the analytical process.

Artificial Intelligence

One could also take this one step further, by automating the analytical process, thus streamlining for example customer meetings by using analysis or artificial intelligence (AI). Advanced algorithms can help us find correlations and patterns in data and for example customise content on a website or offers to a customer. AI also takes customer behaviour and preferences, previous purchases, etc, into account and thereby creates relevant messages.

So, is machine then superior to man?

Humans can recognise complex patterns and adjust to them, but for computers this is still a problem. Maybe the best mode of action is still to combine artificial intelligence with human intelligence, where even the unpredictable deviations can be found and identified and combined with the linear wisdom of the algorithms.

Technological advances have contributed to global development and have changed the way we live. It affects all. There are no signs of the rapid technological development slowing down. To further advance AI may seem scary, but it does also offer opportunities, when a bit of human intelligence is included in the mix.




Print or share Publish date: 2017-11-13