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Successful process automation at Protector Forsikring in Norway

Manual paper work
Protector received some 10 000 invoices from several countries, in many different formats and languages. These invoices were to be administrated by 130 persons. Contracts and purchase orders were stored in files and archives. The process was slow and a lot of manual paper work was needed. Actually, it went so slowly that Protector sometimes did not manage to meet agreed payment terms, which resulted in overdue invoices and irritation from suppliers and own staff.

Automation with a P2P-solution
In order to get a more efficient workflow, Protector decided to implement a P2P (Purchase-to-Pay) solution. This way, the entire process, from purchase order, through delivery and invoice, to payment was automated. All these activities were integrated into the same workflow and all invoices could be digitised.

Cost efficient
Work load for accounts payable went down and the business could continue expanding without hiring more staff to the accounting department. With all invoices in one system, the control went much smoother.

Easy to find information
Management, as well as the employees, could easily get an overview of the workflow and search for answers directly in the system. “We use the search function in the P2P solution rather than in the ERP system because it is much easier to find the information needed”, says Marete Buerstad, Senior Accounting Manager at Protector.

“Every day life becomes so much easier”
Marete Buerstad from Protector says: “If you consider to implement a Purchase-to-Pay solution to automate the process from purchase to payment, you should not hesitate! Everyday life becomes so much easier”.

Author: Håvard Gjeldokk, Country Manager at Palette Software AS in Norway

Protector Forsikring ASA
was founded in 2004 and has been a fast growing business from the start. The company is active in five countries with a turnover of 3 billion NOK. In order to continue a profitable growth, Protector has focused on efficient processes and cost control.

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