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Streamline your purchase to pay process

After periods with increased efficiency of accounts payable management, many businesses have continued to further digitize their operations. Networks that connect buyers and sellers are growing and many of them have been successful and have exceeded expectations in introducing the e-invoice.

E-invoice is not the only focus to drive business development and increase the level of automation. Many people also aim to include the purchasing process in the area of improvements. We see an increasing number of examples where businesses and organisations seek technical solutions for the entire process from purchase to payment (P2P).

Reviewing the entire purchasing process of indirect material, will not only reduce purchasing costs, but will also provide possibilities to streamline the entire transaction and reduce administration of accounts payable.

Automated matching of invoices against purchase orders is a prerequisite to reduce transaction processing time and it will also increase the level of automation within the organisation. Once again, at this point in the transaction, we need to pick up the e-invoice in order to create the best conditions for automation.

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Streamline your purchase to pay process.
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