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Connect to Pagero’s global network to achieve data accuracy, operational excellence
and real-time visibility across your entire purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash processes.

"We began working with Pagero in 2009. The first thing we started was a supplier processing project in order to get our suppliers to begin sending e-invoices instead. Pagero contacted the suppliers two to three times and the results were great.”

three times and the results were great.” Mariana Andersson, Manager Accounts Payable • Stena Line

“We receive our supplier invoices via Pagero in Palette and send customer invoices from two systems, also via Pagero. Everything works smoothly, regardless which system is used.

- Lauri Matikainen, Finance Manager • Renta Group

Palette customer

With Pagero you can both receive and send e-invoices no matter where your business is located worldwide.

Regardless of whether you are a buyer or supplier, you can achieve 100% digital flows across both your inbound and outbound communication from day one with Pagero. We offer your business partners multiple connection options, so that you can handle your entire flow electronically through a single channel, no matter how your business partners choose to operate.

Digitalise and streamline your existing
purchase-to-pay processes

Achieve 100% digital flows across your
existing order-to-cash processes

Connect with any healthcare supplier or
hospital using our specialised solution

Control freight spend and achieve real-time
visibility of transport costs

Meet local requirements while
achieving internal transparency

Start handling e-invoices and e-order
messages quickly and easily