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Our spend analysis tool gives you a total overview of your company’s purchasing

By consolidating your purchases and reducing the number of suppliers, your organisation can negotiate better pricing and contract terms. You can also ensure that goods are ordered from your preferred suppliers under contract. With a few simple clicks you can perform detailed analysis on all aspects of your purchasing history. Our spend analysis tool will give you a 360 degree model view of the figures allowing you to filter and analyse these in a variety of ways.





Our Spend Analysis tools answers your questions:

  • How much do we spend on different product categories?
  • Where are the potential cost savings?
  • Do purchases adhere to existing contract terms and prices?
  • How many invoices do we receive from a specific supplier?


Many companies generate a period-based snapshot of their expenditure once a year. However, purchasing trends can be dynamic and change continuously, therefore they need to be updated and monitored frequently. With our analysis tool you can do this plus generate forecasts of future expenditure. You choose the settings which means you can get the detailed information you need to make critical business buying decisions.

You will get a full overview of your costs and the information required displayed in tables and diagrams.

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