Purchase to Payment Process

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Automate your Purchase to Payment Process with Palette

Our solution will help you achieve better control, lower costs, faster transaction processing and reduced manual intervention. Palette solutions fully automate transaction processing for invoices, contracts, purchase orders and expenses at over 2000 clients worldwide. Our web based interface is fast, easy to use and you have access to your work whether you are in the office or on the road via your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Our customers save time, money improve reporting and enhance internal controls with our modular solution. Clients can start with automating a certain part of their process, e.g. invoice processing and then add modules as they are needed.

Manage your purchases

Our smooth ordering process guides the users to order the correct product from the correct supplier at the correct price. Read more about our module PaletteBuyer.

Automate the entire invoice flow

Manage all invoices, whether they arr submitted as an e-invoice, an emailed pdf or are in a scanned format. Receive and send invoices electronically with PaletteNetwork. It’s faster, more secure, less expensive and also environmental friendly. With our unique matching functionality invoices are matched against purchase orders on row or header level or against contracts.

Choose a cloud service or on premise?

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Cloud base
Cloud service

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Accessible and searchable contracts

Do you need to have greater control of your contracts?  Do you need fast and easily accessible data for renegotiation of contracts? Do you want recurring invoices to be matched and transferred directly for payment?  Palette can provide this with our electronic contract database.

Valuable statistics and a powerful reporting tool

With Palette, you have access to a range of key performance indicators; payments statistics, average processing time, amounts falling due during the month, etc. We also provide a special analysis tool for spend management.

Manage expenses with our fast and efficient solution

Do you find the process of handling employee’s expenses complicated and time consuming? Look at our fast and efficient solution- PaletteExpense.

Some of the brands using our solutions for the Purchase to Payment Process
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