Purchase Order Automation

Generate purchase orders and import external purchase orders. Boost the efficiency in your purchasing processes and increase cost awareness in your organization.

Quote from Palette customer
Before the deployment of Palette’s solution, invoices received as PDF files had to be printed, approved, and coded before being passed to our Accounts Payable department for manual filing - all of which was extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Jeff MacPherson, Financial Analyst • Canadian North Airlines

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Control indirect spend and reduce maverick purchases

Purchase orders generated by Palette’s automated purchase requisitions are automatically delivered to vendors after they have been approved. Both internal purchase orders generated by Palette and external purchase orders are located in one place—taking advantage of reporting and PO matching.

Track with budgets and reports

Users can select from a long list of search criteria that can be used to generate custom reports. Tracking supplier performance, commodity purchases, matching statistics, vendor spend, etc. can all be facilitated in the reporting system. All reports provide a summary result set that can be drilled into to see specific details and actual images.

  • Employees purchase goods and services within a set budget
  • Purchases can be limited to preferred and properly approved suppliers
  • Generate better information for price and contract negotiations
ERP Integration

Purchase Order Automation for streamlined Matching

All invoices are automatically matched against the corresponding (internal or external) PO at the header or line level according to predefined business rules and tolerances. Any invoices matching within approved tolerances can be sent directly to the ERP for recording.

If any information is missing or incorrect, it can be sent to the proper approver to be corrected and matched manually.

One invoice can contain items from multiple purchase orders, and one purchase order can be matched to multiple invoices, whether they have been delivered in part or in full.

  • Match at the header or line level
  • Match internal or external  purchase orders with hundreds of lines
  • Exceptions are sent to approvers to validate with one-click approval on mobile or desktop
  • Provides a complete audit trail, including messages
Purchase Requisition Automation

Purchase Order Automation is a module in our Purchase to Pay software suite.

> Trusted by Banks in the US, Europe & Australia. Full security and compliance accreditations in the US including HIPAA, SOC 1, SOC 2, ISO 27001, GDPR, and PEPPOL.

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