Implementation & support

Take advantage of our experience! We have completed over 2,000 implementation projects and can offer advice and support throughout the entire project.

Quote from Palette customer
Palette had a clear and realistic project plan and it was evident that they had carried out projects of this size and complexity previously.

Eva Petré Rege, Head of AP & AR • Coor Service Management

Palette stöttar dig genom hela implementationen

Palette supports you throughout the entire implementation process

Upon signing an agreement with us we book resources with our project team. Together we go through the project model and set up a plan regarding how the implementation can be carried out in the best way, taking into account the needs and conditions of your organization. Resources and expertise are allocated as required for each project, e.g., project manager, application consultant and technicians. Training for users and administrators is always included in the project.

Global implementation

Palette has a large number of customers with international operations and companies in several countries, and we are happy to contribute with our knowledge and experience of global projects. Implementing a new system is often an excellent opportunity to review internal processes and see how they can be modified and improved. Our project managers can also contribute valuable experience based on best practice and previous projects.

Consider the following:

  • Start by automating the management of supplier invoices
  • Add more automation steps in the process (contracts, purchases, expenses)
  • Have the implementation phase be an opportunity to review internal processes
  • Elicit help from the supplier’s project team and utilize their experience
  • Be realistic and set aside internal specialist resources

Flexible • Modular • Secure • Compliant

Easy to access

Easy access outside the office. Approve invoices using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Efficient processes

An efficient accounts payable solution that reduces costs and frees up time for other tasks within your organization.

Increased control

Palette gives you full control of the entire accounts payable process. Easily track every single invoice and its current status within the workflow.

Lokal support

Global organisation with local support

Palette’s support is manned by experienced staff who work with our solutions full-time. They offer qualified support over the phone and by email. We currently offer support in English, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and Danish. You choose which language you prefer when contacting our support team. Because our entire development department is in Sweden, there is close contact between the support team and the developers in R&D, which is a great advantage if complex issues arise.

Extra guidance with Customer Service Manager

Would you like expert help in order to take full advantage of Palette’s solution, or do you require an extra resource that can assist with system configurations? If this is the case, we offer the Customer Service Manager (CSM) service, where you receive access to a senior systems expert with an extensive knowledge of Palette and how to utilize the solution in the best possible way. Read more about the CSM service here.

More about CSM