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Efficient invoice processing   

Invoice processing is at the core of our solution. Our aim at Palette is to optimise efficiency throughout the purchase to pay process. Efficiency should not come at the expense of control. Our secure processes enforce processing rules while helping to decrease costs.

Using an automated workflow the system can automate the processing of PO and Non PO invoices. If an invoice matches all of the criteria of an associated PO the system can transfer that invoice directly to the ERP for booking and payment. This optimises straight through processing. In a no match situation or if a non po invoice arrives, workflow takes over ensuring that the appropriate approver or exception handler promptly gets notification and access to that invoice.

More control, faster workflows and reduced manual intervention

Your company will always have full control over its invoices and know where they are and their current status. With the help of our workflow’s automated reminders and escalation we can reduce cycle time ensuring invoices will be paid on time. There is no risk that invoices will disappear or be forgotten. The workflow is fully automated and easy to deploy by business users. No matter what format your invoice arrives in,  e-invoice, scanned or e-mailed PDF Palette can process them. Process and approval of invoices is fast and efficient wherever you are – using your laptop, smart phone, tablet even via your e-mail system.

Only exceptions have to be handled

Matching isn’t just for PO invoices anymore. Palettes unique Cascading matching system can handle matching against purchase orders at the header or line/row level. Our solution also recognises recurring invoices (such as utilities) and these are coded, auto approved and processed automatically.  Contracts and leases can be automated leaving only variances to be handled.  We also offer as part of our solution that any reference data can be used to auto route an invoice to a specific workflow or role. No other system can give you the opportunity to maximize straight through processing metrics.

You choose- A Cloud service or on premise installation?

Local install
On premise

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Cloud base


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Palette provides its products as traditional on premise solutions or as a service in the cloud. Our products can be delivered to provide a perfect fit for all kinds of companies, regardless of size, industry or organisation. Best of all, you simply select which modules best suit your business goals and pay only for the transactions you put through the system. At any time you are fee to add additional modules or transactions as your business grows and changes


Receive and send invoices electronically with PaletteNetwork. It’s easier, more secure, more accurate and less expensive. And getting rid of paper helps save the environment for future generations.


Do you need to get control of your contracts?  Do you want to quickly and easily provide data for renegotiation of contracts? This is handled by our electronic contract database.

Some of the brands using our invoice processing solution
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