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ERP Integration for Microsoft Dynamics Navision

Microsoft Dynamics Navision – download Integration sheet

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Touchless AP for Microsoft Dynamics Navision

With Palette’s accounts payable solution you will get full control of your invoices, where they sit in the organization and what status they have. Receive e-invoices in any format or automatically scan and interpret paper invoices.

Pre-defined matching rules decide how the invoice is managed in your organization, saving a lot of time and limiting touch points. With our AP automation software, you can match invoices to a contract, requisition or purchase order. Invoices that are automatically matched can then be transferred to Dynamics NAV for payment – with out any manual touch. Deviations or invoices that do not match are approved by email, mobile or tablet.

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Purchase-to-Pay Automation for Microsoft Dynamics Navision

Control, regulate, and automate your company’s purchasing policies. Automated purchase requisitions with complete visibility to the expenditure request will reduce indirect spend.

Efficiency is increased with each element that is automated, which contributes to increased control and profitability. We can assist you on the path towards full automation so you only need to spend time on exceptions that arise.

Lower costs with a purchase-to-pay system

When purchase orders are approved instead of invoices, you get a real possibility to stop unsolicited purchases. We all know that the supplier invoices arrives, it’s generally too late to cancel the order.

With a user-friendly system for purchase-to-pay, you steer the purchases towards prioritized suppliers, lowering both costs and time spent on the purchasing process. Administration is reduced for the purchasing department, which can devote more time to negotiate favorable agreements and discounts.

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Flexible • Modular • Secure • Compliant

Easy to access

Easy access outside the office. Approve invoices using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Efficient processes

An efficient accounts payable solution that reduces costs and frees up time for other tasks within your organization.

Increased control

Palette gives you full control of the entire accounts payable process. Easily track every single invoice and its current status within the workflow.