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ERP Integration for Microsoft Dynamics AX

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Automated Invoice Processing for Dynamics AX

With more than 25 years of experience in the field of automation of accounts payable and invoice processing, Palette is today a leading supplier of AP and P2P automation solutions. Our solution is used by approximately 3 500 customers in 40 different countries across four continents.

The software has been developed for easy integration to different ERP systems in the market. Our industry standard Palette Integration Engine alleviates the integration burden with powerful capabilities built into a straightforward, easy-to-use graphical user interface.

Save time and money with Accounts Payable Automation

When the accounts payable process is digitized, you get full control of supplier invoices, from their arrival through to being booked in Dynamics AX and paid for. You can easily control who should authorize, how long it may take and maximum amount allowed.

With Palette’s Invoice Processing solution you will get full control of your invoices, where they are in the organization and what status they have. Receive electronic invoices in any format or automatically scan and interpret paper invoices. Preset matching rules decide how the invoice is routed in your organization, which saves a huge amount of time and reduces manual touch points.

Invoices matched to a contract, requisition or purchase order is sent to Dynamics AX for payment without any manual intervention. Deviations or invoices that don’t match are checked and authorized by email, cellphone or tablet.

Save time and money by digitizing your invoice processing today! Read more about Automated Invoice Processing

Purchase-to-Pay for Dynamics AX

Automate your organization’s purchases to get full control over the purchasing process and regulate buying behavior. Control which suppliers employees buy from and ensure that all orders comply with contracted prices and conditions.

Palette’s purchasing module is a user-friendly solution where employees can place orders for supplies and services. The interface is similar to a web shop and very easy to browse. Only preferred and approved vendors and products are visible in the portal.

The offer can be restricted by roles and designated budgets. An employee will only see the products that he or she is entitled to purchase, making it easy for the entire organization to comply with purchasing policies since only approved vendors are available. Purchases are always made according to predefined rules and regulations.

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Flexible • Modular • Secure • Compliant

Lower costs up to 80%

A modern cloud-based system for invoice management lowers your costs and leaves your organization with more time for other things.

Faster workflow

Palette streamlines the entire workflow from invoice arrival to when it is coded, approved, and registered in your ERP or accounting system.

Approve invoices online

Palette gives you easy access in and out of the office. Approve your invoices by computer, tablet, or smartphone with a single click.