AP Automation for Construction & Engineering

Engineered from the ground up with accounts payable in mind, Palette’s AP Automation for Construction and Engineering firms gives your staff flexible approval workflows, automated invoice processing, a searchable invoice archive and a complete time-stamped audit trail.

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AP Workflow for construction

Construction companies receive high volumes of supplier invoices compared to businesses in other industries. Many of these invoices require the control and approval of several people before they can be paid.

Using an automated workflow and a central dashboard, Palette automates the processing of PO and non-PO invoices. It keeps finance people happy because invoices can be booked to individual projects and saves them time chasing project managers for approvals.

Project managers appreciate being able to approve an invoice with one click on a laptop or mobile device.

A user-friendly system

With Palette you get a user-friendly system that is accessible from anywhere at any time, allowing staff who spend their working day out of the office to approve invoices on the go. This way, you can accelerate the AP process and avoid delayed payments.

Project Management

Approval workflow based on project, automated account posting and monitoring.

Multiple approvers

Many invoices for large amounts require the control and approval of several people, which is smoothly managed in Palette.

Advanced VAT handling

We meet specific requirements related to complex VAT rules, i.e. reverse tax obligation and tax deductible VAT.

Remote Access

Easy access on any device. Approve invoices in your mobile while travelling.

Invoice Data Capture

Palette’s capture solution ensures you eliminate paper completely. Whether invoices are received as paper or email formats, the data is captured quickly and efficiently. No manual data entry is required.

Efficient AP Workflow

Palette automatically sends invoices to the proper approver, according to pre-set rules. If needed, you can add approvers to an existing workflow and ad-hoc routing is possible.

Automated PO Matching

Match vendor invoices to internal or external purchase orders and goods receipts. Our Cascading Matching engine automatically matches hundreds of lines – saving you time and money.

Automated PO Matching by Palette Software
Archive & Audit - Audit trail software by Palette

Archive & Audit

A step-by-step history of invoice transactions is recorded, including communications between internal staff and suppliers. Palette creates a complete searchable invoice archive for reference and auditing purposes.

Digitalization is a major trend in the construction industry and it’s a natural part of all business processes at Hartela. Hartela needs agile, user-friendly applications to support its digital transformation.

Leena Joki, Head of Financial Service Center

Hartela automates the purchase-to-pay process with Palette

Hartela is a Finnish family-run business established in 1942, specializing in building homes, offices and industrial buildings.

Seamless Integration with your ERP

Integration with NetSuite

Native tools to ensure that the business rules of your system, data control, and validation are applied to all data communication.

Integration with Dynamics 365

AP Automation for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Integration with SAP

AP Automation that integrates with SAP Business One and SAP R/3.

Integration with Workday

With Palette’s standardized Integration to Workday enable a “plug and play” integration experience with minimal configuration.

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AP challenges for Construction and Engineering firms

If you work in the construction or engineering business, you know there are quite a few industry specific challenges for the finance department.

Businesses manage large financial commitments with many transactions, one reason why there are extensive regulations to abide by. Whether it’s GDPR, 4MLD, PCI DSS or any other regulation, it’s essential to have everything in order for review by auditors and government authorities.

While manual processes will hold companies back and inhibit growth, there is a way to deal with these challenges effectively.

AP automation solutions can fully automate transaction processing for invoices, contracts, purchase orders and expenses. The best solutions are flexible and scalable to suit the business. They can be offered as cloud-based services that can be accessed remotely, allowing managers to approve spends on the go.