Expense Management

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Save time- handle your expense management electronically

Do employees waste too much time completing expense reports? Do receipts often go missing or do employees spend hours getting copies? Are you frustrated by trying to match receipts to credit card transactions?

With PaletteExpense module you can simplify your expense management and employees will have more time to handle more critical tasks and accounting. You will have the tools and processes to ensure control over the reconciliation of expense reports and corporate credit card statements.



Get your expenses on track

Employees can use a local scanner to archive receipts for later use. If you don’t have a scanner then you can take a picture of your receipts with a smartphone or tablet and send them to the system for approval and signing. By completing employee expenses in the Palette solution, your organisation will benefit from the existing approval processes already in place for invoice processing. Employees can also check receipts against corresponding credit card transactions to make sure that they have cleared all charges and get paid for all expenses.

PaletteExpense will also help the accounting department and will make their job much easier with the improved processes for handling employees expenses and layouts.

Some of the brands using PaletteExpense
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