Match Purchase Orders, Invoices, and Goods Receipts

Invoice management becomes easier and more efficient. Automated purchase order matching reduces the manual effort involved in matching invoices to internal/external purchase orders and goods receipts.

Palette’s purchase order matching effectively connects a purchase order with an invoice, and it's easy to establish rules for variances.

Rene Faurskov, Finance Manager • Sportmaster

ordermatchning med Palette

Automated purchase order matching increases efficiency

Why spend time and money managing supplier invoices manually when the entire process can be automated with intelligent PO matching? If an invoice matches a purchase order, it assumes the coding and approval from the order and can be sent directly to your ERP for payment without manual handling. With simple rules, a procedure can be implemented for invoices that do not match, and acceptable deviation levels can be regulated. Exceptions are routed to designated approvers.

Order matching at a general level or row level

Matching between incoming invoices and purchase orders can be done at a general level or a row level. Matching can also be made to order numbers or delivery numbers and amounts. An invoice can contain items from several purchase orders, and a purchase order can be matched to several different invoices, whether they are fully or only partially delivered. The principle is to automate the process as much as possible—you only need to manage exceptions.

The 5 main features:

  • Full automization via “touchless invoices”
  • Match at the header or row level
  • Match purchase orders with hundreds of lines
  • Exceptions are sent to approvers to validate with one-click approval on mobile or desktop
  • Provides a complete audit trail, including messages

Automated exceptions management

Certain types of exceptions can be automated. Set rules for how much an invoice may deviate from the purchase order. These rules can be specified as a percentage or an exact amount. Enter specific rules for each supplier. If an invoice is matched and generates price deviations, the coding of the deviation can automatically be done to an account intended for this.

Match with external purchase orders

Palette’s purchase order matching can be used with our purchasing module or with any number of external purchasing systems. The system is integrated and configured according to the customer’s wishes and needs—Palette can be set up to handle automatic matching, but it is also possible to manually match invoices if necessary. Matching can be achieved based on amounts or on the number of underlying purchase orders.