Automate your supplier invoices

It is quick and easy to get started with our cloud service for automated management of supplier invoices.

Quote from Palette customer
The team that manages the invoices on a daily basis no longer need to reinvent the wheel every day as the system learns by itself

Eva Petré Rege, AP & AR Manager at Coor Service Managment

Manage supplier invoices in the cloud

Most of our customers choose invoice management as a cloud service, as opposed to on-premise. The benefits of cloud services are numerous. Avoid the capital expenditure of hardware and on-going user licensing costs. Get an efficient subscription service with a fixed monthly cost that is customised to your invoice volume. Scale up as the business grows.

Quick start, simple to use

With cloud services, the implementation project is minimal, as is the need for in-house IT resources. Together, we go through how you would like the system to be set up. If you are unsure, we can assist you and offer advice and recommendations according to best practice. After 25 years in the industry, we know what works and what provides the greatest efficiency gains for our customers.

When the system is set up, it is easy for all of the company’s customers to log in and approve their invoices. With our modern and user-friendly interfaces, training is not usually necessary.

Kontering av leverantörsfakturor på surfplatta

Top 5 advantages of the system(according to our customers):

  • You save a lot of time
  • Increased control over the entire approval workflow
  • Invoices are not lost
  • Reduction of manual work in the finance department
  • User-friendly system for everyone in the company

Recurring Invoices

Manage and set up an approval workflow for recurring invoices such as contract services or other regular expenses.


Get the highest percentage of straight-through processing when an invoice arrives. Employees purchase goods and services within a set budget.

PO Matching

Automated matching of invoices, purchase orders, goods receipts, and contract data.

Spend Management

Filter daily spend data to get a 360⁰ view of the organization’s expenses.

Flexible • Modular • Secure • Compliant

Easy to access

Easy access outside the office. Approve invoices using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Efficient processes

An efficient accounts payable solution that reduces costs and frees up time for other tasks within your organization.

Increased control

Palette gives you full control of the entire accounts payable process. Easily track every single invoice and its current status within the workflow.

Många fördelar med molntjänster

Improved performance with cloud services

We as suppliers can guarantee you improved performance when you choose our standardised cloud service. We then have full control over the software, storage platform and how these interact. You can also feel assured knowing that operation, ongoing maintenance and upgrades are included in the price and always carried out by our technical specialists.

Cloud storage is secure and cost-effective

Cloud service providers usually have greater resources to invest in data security, back-up management and system maintenance, compared to what medium-sized businesses can afford if they choose to store data locally on their own servers.