Reduce Workloads—Only Approve Exceptions

Automate your invoices with Palette. Pre-determined approval workflows and exception management create a quick and efficient process.

Thanks to the functionality in Palette, PEAB has eliminated all the manual touch points and the AP process is now completely automated.

Özlem Sener, System Owner at Peab Fastighetsutveckling

attest, avvikehantering och elektronisk fakturahatering med Palette

Automated approval workflow

Invoice processing is the core of our solution and the foundation for streamlining the purchase-to-pay process. Invoice processing is the one thing companies automate first. Automatic approval workflows and coding suggestions minimize the time spent on reconciling exceptions.

Easy exception management

Exceptions are categorized by type and color-coded. Get a clear overview and with matching statistics address suppliers with frequent exceptions. Set tolerances on the header or row level on how much an invoice can deviate from a purchase order, either in percentage or an exact amount. Apply various parameters to different companies and suppliers.

Enkel avvikelsehantering med Palette

The 5 key functions:

  • Complete automation of your invoices
  • Predetermined approval workflows
  • Coding suggestions to minimize time expenditure
  • One-click approvals by email
  • Exceptions management via a user-friendly interface

Recurring Invoices

Manage and set up an approval workflow for recurring invoices such as contract services or other regular expenses.


Get the highest percentage of straight-through processing when an invoice arrives. Employees purchase goods and services within a set budget.

PO Matching

Automated matching of invoices, purchase orders, goods receipts, and contract data.

Spend Management

Filter daily spend data to get a 360⁰ view of the organization’s expenses.

Flexible • Modular • Secure • Compliant

Lower costs up to 80%

A modern cloud-based system for invoice management lowers your costs and leaves your organization with more time for other things.

Faster workflow

Palette streamlines the entire workflow from invoice arrival to when it is coded, approved, and registered in your ERP or accounting system.

Approve invoices online

Palette gives you easy access in and out of the office. Approve your invoices by computer, tablet, or smartphone with a single click.


Protection against counterfeit invoices

Palette’s Blacklisted suppliers service provides automated and efficient protection against scammers in the marketplace. Every time an invoice enters the system, a search is made against an up-to-date register of known fraudulent companies. Warnings alert the user the supplier is considered unreliable and a potential risk. This protects against new suppliers who may be suspicious as well as those you already have an existing business relationship with.

Manage multiple companies and languages

Palette supports many companies in the same environment or in parallel environments, whether they are in the same country or spread across the world. Set rules for how VAT, VAT codes, EU-VAT, reverse charge, and construction and property VAT should be handled. The system is available in a number of languages, including English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Polish, and the Nordic languages.