A purchasing system that provides effective invoice management

We help companies automate the financial processes from purchase to pay. Automate invoice management with capture and processing and then build on this with PO matching and purchase requisition automation.

Flexible • Modular • Secure • Compliant

Easy to access

Easy access outside the office. Approve invoices using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Efficient processes

An efficient accounts payable solution that reduces costs and frees up time for other tasks within your organization.

Increased control

Palette gives you full control of the entire accounts payable process. Easily track every single invoice and its current status within the workflow.

"With Palette, we would be able to double the amount of supplier invoices without the need to employ more staff."

Finn Rune Kristiansen, CFO • 4Service Gruppen AS

Purchasing system and Invoice Management

Invoice capture and processing

Approve invoices on all types of devices, including smartphones to tablets. Why approve at all? Create a regulatory framework for automatic coding and approval of recurring invoices. This frees up time for more productive work that can add value.

  • Lower costs by up to 80%
  • Save time by automating
  • Access from anywhere 24/7

Better control and faster workflows

With digital invoice management, all incoming invoices are collected in one place. The workflow is automated, regardless of the format of the invoice—e-invoice, scanned paper invoice, or e-mailed PDF. It’s easy to search for an invoice, identify its location in the company, and check its status.



Invoice processing
"The system learns by itself, and we don't need to reinvent the wheel every day. This means that we have more time for other things."

Eva Petré Rege, Head of AP & AR • Coor Service Management

Purchasing system and order matching

If your business handles thousands of supplier invoices every month, it’s a good idea to take automation to the next level. Our total solution for purchase-to-pay automates purchasing, agreement management, order matching, and expenses.

  • Free up resources within finance and purchasing
  • Lower your purchasing costs
  • Improve your bottom line

Approve the purchase order, not the invoice

Palette makes it easier for staff to order the right product from the right supplier and for the right price. The web-based interface can be compared to an e-commerce shop. After approving the purchase order, the system automatically matches the invoice, which can then be sent directly for payment. You gain control over the cost before it even arises.


Recurring Invoices

Manage and set up an approval workflow for recurring invoices such as contract services or other regular expenses.


Get the highest percentage of straight-through processing when an invoice arrives. Employees purchase goods and services within a set budget.

PO Matching

Automated matching of invoices, purchase orders, goods receipts, and contract data.

Spend Management

Filter daily spend data to get a 360⁰ view of the organization’s expenses.