The SecureCloud P2P platform provides intelligent functionality for different accounts payable process areas: Digital Capture  •  AP Automation  •  Purchase Automation  •  Document Archiving & Records Retention

SecureCloud P2P is a global solution for multiple ERPs, countries, currencies, and tax rules, with unlimited users, no user license costs, bulletproof compliance control, and minimal IT involvement. It’s a modules-based cloud solution that grows with the organization.

Whether banks are looking to maximize product penetration into key accounts, or provide a more complete range of products for their client base, the SecureCloud P2P platform is an essential service that supports Treasury Management operation and supply chain finance initiatives.


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The key benefits include:
  • Good Fit for Treasury Management Clients 

SecureCloud P2P has the functionality, security, and ease-of-use banks want for SMB and Fortune XXXX clients looking to automate their accounts payable operations.

  • Full AP Automation Functionality 

SecureCloud P2P automates the capture of essential invoice data, provides an approval workflow to relevant roles in the organization, matches purchase orders to invoices and goods receipts, and manages exceptions.

  • Upsell Opportunities

Bank clients can add modular functionality with Purchase Automation, Capex/Operational Budget Control, and Expense Management as requirements dictate.

  • Bank Focused Support 

Palette partners receive dedicated account management, technical support, configurable solutions, and internationalization capabilities for country, language, currency and compliance requirements.

  • Bank Product-Ready 

Palette & Project Hosts have gone through the necessary steps to successfully secure US and international bank compliance, security requirements, and partner relationships.

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