Invoice Scanning Services

Intelligent invoice scanning with intuitive data capture has 95% accuracy rates for paper, and 100% accuracy for digital formats. Automatic capture of data fields and invoice data.

Invoice Scanning Services for Accounts Payable

What are invoice scanning services?

Invoice scanning services can help growing organizations that are dealing with large volumes of vendor invoices. If invoices have to be manually input to the ERP or accounting system, it causes bottlenecks as well as manual errors – let alone the tedium of entering hundreds of lines.

If your organization is dealing with large supplier invoice volumes you might be:

  • Currently keying in data from paper or emailed invoices
  • Having issues with legacy (and usually outdated) OCR software
  • Managing both paper and electronic invoices in many different configurations, i.e. PDF, XML, EDI, paper, Zip files and more

Processing invoices manually takes time and has its shares of errors and mismatches. How can you process both mailed and emailed supplier invoices in just one step – transforming them from the format you receive them in, to usable data you can control?

“We just didn’t have time to manage all the incoming invoices. But since changing to Palette, we can manage three times the volume of invoices than our previous AP system allowed.”

What is the accuracy rate for invoice scanning?

Our invoice scanning service intuitively reads data fields and stores different supplier invoice templates in a database for future reference. The accuracy rate is 95%+ for paper invoices.

For electronic invoices such as PDF, XML, EDI and other electronic formats, our invoice scanning service processes each invoice using Artificial Intelligence and automation to recognize the different invoice vendors and intutitively recognize data fields, achieving a 100% accuracy rate.

The invoice scanning service is designed for large volumes of vendor invoices. Book an appointment today to optimize your organization’s accounts payable workflow.

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