Invoice Capture

Using artificial intelligence and capture automation, data is intuitively extracted from both paper and email invoices using Palette’s invoice capture solution.

Invoice capture with Palette Software

Palette’s Invoice Capture Software Solution

Palette’s invoice data capture solution handles both email and paper invoices with OCR with Intellitags and Digital Capture in the cloud.  Our invoice data capture software processes files in any format including PDF, EDI, XML, Word, Excel, JPG, TIFF, XML, CSV, and more, with a very high capture accuracy rate for both paper and electronic formats.


Accuracy Rate
For Paper


Accuracy Rate For
Electronic Formats

Invoice Data Capture Software

Many companies handle hundreds and sometimes thousands of invoices a day. It’s not just about collecting the documents and making sure the right person receives them; it’s also about keying the data into the right programs, confirming the data matches, and paying the invoices ASAP to make the most out of early payment discounts.

With Palette’s invoice data capture automation, invoice processing speeds up considerably as well as reduces manual processing minimizing the risk for human error. By letting Palette’s invoice data capture software handle the administrative work, your employees can focus on exception handling and analysis. The result is lower invoice processing costs and faster Accounts Payable workflows.

Palette’s invoice capture software

“We just didn’t have time to manage all the incoming invoices. But since changing to Palette, we can manage three times the volume of invoices than our previous AP system allowed.”

Properties Of Our Invoice Capture Solution

Using artificial intelligence and capture automation, data is intuitively extracted from both paper and emailed invoices eliminating time-consuming and costly manual data entry. Palette’s invoice capture solution is capable of automatically and intuitively detecting and learning unique supplier invoices based on their respective layouts.


Handles paper and all electronic formats: PDF, EDI, XML, CSV, HTML, TIFF, JPG, PNG, DOC, XLSX. etc.


Data is intelligently extracted and flowed into the Palette central dashboard.


The invoice capture software instinctively learns invoice layouts and data fields and stores them in a database


100% accuracy data capture for electronic invoice formats— with no added cost for suppliers


95% accuracy data capture for scanned paper invoices


Easy-to-use and intuitive browser-based interface

Why Choose Palette’s Invoice Data Capture Solution?

Manage large invoice volumes with Palette’s secure, compliant invoice-scanning service with advanced OCR and AI digital capture technologies. Our Invoice Scanning & Collection service for higher volumes allows for invoice capture in multiple formats, including physical mail, images, email, fax, PDF documents, EDI, and XML. Palette’s invoice capture solution combines sophisticated high-speed invoice scanning with advanced form-identification technology to automate the processing of all document types:

  • Leading-edge technology without the need to purchase costly equipment and software
  • Documents are tracked in real time with full transparency from point of receipt to delivery

Higher Volume Service:

  • Six Sigma® methodologies to ensure the highest level of quality
  • back-up/redundancy for disaster recovery
  • compliance with GLBA, Fair Credit Reporting, SEC, and HIPAA

Seamless Integration With Your ERP

Palette’s Capture Solution seamlessly integrates with your ERP, which means that everything you do in Palette is automatically transferred:

Electronic Format

For electronic formats, your supplier sends the invoice to a specified email address. Palette’s solution extracts invoice data and forwards it to your ERP.

OCR invoice scanning

For paper formats, intelligent OCR invoice scanning extracts the data from the scanned invoice and sends the data to your ERP or workflow.


Palette is trusted by banks and financial institutions in the US and Europe. Accreditations in the US include SOC1, SOC2, HIPAA, ISO 27001, GDPR, and PEPPOL.

Benefits Of Using Our Invoice Capture Solution

Improved structure for your supplier invoices

Maximize the automation of your invoice capture by allowing the system to match invoices with purchase orders or contracts. Direct resources towards exceptions and free up time for higher-value work.

Less risk of mistakes or missing data

Manual data entry is prone to errors. By using automatic invoice capture you can guarantee the data input is always accurate to minimize mistakes which can lead to problems further down the line. 

Save time and effort

Not only is manual data entry for invoices prone to errors, it also takes time. Our invoice capture solutions automate manual and repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on developing your business.

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