Intacct AP Automation

AP Automation for Intacct gives you visibility that ensures accountability. Reduce approval cycle times and grow without adding to headcount.

AP Automation for Intacct

Engineered from the ground up with accounts payable in mind, Palette’s AP Automation for Intacct boosts your investment in Intacct by giving your staff flexible approval workflows, automated invoice processing, automated PO matching and much more.

“Email approvals mean I don’t have to learn
yet another dashboard.”

Tomas | CEO

Features – Intacct accounts payable automation

Invoice Data Capture

Palette’s invoice data capture solution ensures you reduce paper invoice handling. Whether invoices are received as paper or email formats, the data is captured quickly and efficiently. Manual data entry is not required and can be completely eliminated.

AP Workflow

Using an automated workflow and a central dashboard, Palette provides automatic invoice reminders for Intacct for PO- and Non-PO invoices. Approvers can view and approve invoices on a laptop, on mobile, and in email without learning a new dashboard system.

  • Have visibility into Accounts Payable balances and payment/approval status
  • “Drag & Drop” approval workflows, ad hoc routing
  • Approvals are made directly in email or on a mobile device

“The intuitive interface means fewer calls for
assistance from people using Palette”

Lisa | CIO

2 & 3-way PO matching

Palettes unique cascading matching engine matches invoices against purchase orders at the header or line level. In a “no-match” situation, or if a non-PO invoice arrives, our Sage Intacct AP automation solution workflows the invoice to the proper approver. Exceptions are flagged for reconciliation, and the exception handler promptly gets notification and access to the information needed to clear the exception.

  • Invoices, purchase orders, and goods receipts are matched by the software
  • Match items at both the header or line level, whether it is 50 lines or 500 lines
  • Complete audit trail of approvals and communications become part of the transaction record

“No more finger pointing! We can see where
the bottleneck is and address it.”

Cara | AP Manager

Recurring Invoices (or Contracts)

Recurring invoices are matched to account numbers or contracts, posted to the proper charge codes and sent to Intacct for recording. Reminders are sent when a contract is about to expire. If required, expenses are split between different departments.

  • Repeat invoices are matched to account numbers or contracts
  • Self-billing for contracts that do not have vendor invoices
  • Manages spending and renewal process

“How do you enforce what’s in a binder? Palette ensures policies are followed on each and every transaction.”

Lawrence | CFO

Archive & Audit

A step-by-step time-stamped documented history of invoice transactions is recorded, including communications between internal staff and suppliers. Palette’s Accounts Payable automation software for Intacct creates a complete, searchable archive for reference and auditing purposes.

  • Faster audit process
  • Provides the basis of objectivity for investigations
  • Raises compliance standards for the entire organization

Benefits of integrating Palette’s AP automation software with Intacct

Sustainability, efficiency and visibility – just to name a few of the positive impacts Palette has on an organization’s accounts payable processes. While Intacct has extensive functionality, there is so much more potential to capitalize on through integrating Intacct with accounts payable automation software.

Palette’s AP automation solution for Intacct provides a plethora of benefits and advantages on different levels, extending Intacct’s core functionality. It streamlines an organization’s accounts payable processes, saving both time and money for everyone who touches the purchase process.


Save Time

Palette’s accounts payable automation for Intacct speeds up the capture, processing and approval of invoices significantly:

  • Character recognition software automatically scans headers and line-item data
  • An approval workflow sends invoices to the proper approvers
  • Exceptions are flagged and the info is forwarded to the approver for reconciliation

Higher Accuracy & Streamlined Processes

Intacct accounts payable automation efficiently manages your vendor invoices:

  • Eliminates human errors
  • Eliminates the risk of overpayment or duplicate payments
  • Automatic flagging of exceptions to be reviewed by designated approver
  • Streamlines reporting, budgeting and auditing, making them more efficient and accurate

Customized solutions

Palette’s AP automation software helps organizations design their Intacct AP workflows according to business rules you set up. You determine the routing and the approvers the invoices need to go to.

Better business relationships

Palette’s AP automation software makes it easy to deal with supplier invoices:

  • With a reduced risk of human error, the approval and payment process is performed in a timely manner helping you keep a good standing with suppliers
  • Approved suppliers can submit documentation and updates in a wide range of different document formats
  • The system will alert you to time-sensitive circumstances (e.g. upcoming contract renewals)

Improved access, monitoring and control

Intacct accounts payable automation provides an organization with several advantages when it comes to access, monitoring and control:

  • No more lost invoices
  • Easy sharing of data in real-time between departments and individuals within the organization
  • Simultaneous access to the system where you can decide who has access and to what
  • Invoices not automatically approved for payments are flagged and automatically rerouted to designated approvers
  • Easy-to-follow electronic trail to identify exceptions and fraud

Improved insight & transparency

Integrating Palette’s AP automation software gives finance administrators insight into their Intacct accounts payable processes and the ability to:

  • See the big picture at a glance
  • Real-time dashboard reporting of KPIs
  • Find, retrieve and present relevant data quickly
  • Focus on specific problem areas and identify solutions for improvement
  • Identify noncompliance with business rules and/or spending policies
  • Monitor performance and productivity of any AP individual, team or department


Capitalize on early payment discounts with Sage Intacct AP automation

In some cases, suppliers will offer a discount for buyers who pay their invoice early. These potential discounts are often missed in a manual AP process.

Utilizing Palette’s AP automation speeds up the invoice lifecycle, allowing you to take advantage of early payment discounts.

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