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PaletteBudget allows you to allocate procurement tasks to your organisation while you maintain full control of your spend.


PaletteBudget for safe procurement

PaletteBudget allows you to make a budget request and allocate a specific amount to a larger investment project. This way you will get control over all costs associated to the project, and early warnings if the budget is likely to be exceeded.

PaletteBudget is part of the PaletteArena product suite and has a direct connection to PaletteBuyer.

PaletteBudget gives you a full overview of all costs associated to specific investments and projects and you will even get early warnings if the budget is likely to be exceeded.


Delegate responsibility without losing control with PaletteBudget

When the budget request has been approved, future purchases related to the project can be connected to and deducted from the set maximum amount. This way you can delegate responsibility to the organisation, without losing control. At any moment, it is possible to check the remaining amount of a specific budget request. PaletteBudget also has a built-in alarm function, which will send out an alert when 90% of the budget has been used up.

Palette Budget is a new and updated version of PaletteCapex. If you are using a PaletteArena version prior to 6.5, you will still be using PaletteCapex for your budget requests.