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An extensive solution that enables you to make comprehensive Spend Management analysis based on all the information you already have in your PaletteArena installation.


In your PaletteArena system you have important data about everything that you have spent over the years. We can provide you with a tool to analyse and filter this data. You will answer business critical questions like:

• How much do we spend in specific areas?
• Which category are we spending the most in?
• Are we leveraging volume for cost reduction opportunities?
• Did we buy at the right contracted prices?
• Can we consolidate spend with less suppliers?
• How many invoices do we receive from a supplier?
• We have an office supplier contract but why do we still have invoices from old suppliers?

PaletteSpendManagement provides a 360⁰ visibility of the organisation's expenses.


A service in the cloud

PaletteSpendManagement is a cloud based service and provides a full insight into your expenses. Importing Spend data from your PaletteArena installation takes place daily and gives you up-to-date information. Click, twist, filter and turn the data around and get 360⁰ view of the organisations expenses.