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Product Sheet Punchoutlayer

A service that helps you to connect to any webshop, regardless of their interfacing capabilities.


We help you connect with all webshops

With PaletteBuyer you can use external catalogues, more commonly known as webshops for your everyday purchases. Internal catalogues are often used for standard products, free text orders for things that you buy rarely and webshops ( a majority of these products you need in your every day work). PaletteBuyer connects to webshops with the standard SAP OCI protocol, also known as PunchOut. Not all webshops support SAP OCI PunchOut and therefore we have created the service PalettePunchoutLayer this enables you to connect all webshops to PaletteBuyer.

If the webshop for some reason can’t talk to you with standard OCI Punchout messages, our service PunchoutLayer retrieves data direct from the webshop's open source code and reformat the data as OCI and returns the data to Palette.


Webshop changes will be updated

With PalettePunchoutLayer we provide a service of mapping and maintaining the connection to all the webshops you may wish to buy from and we will make sure that you get the correct data sent into PaletteBuyer at all times. If the webshop makes any changes to the layout or any other changes including their way of working we will automatically update our mapping of this data (this may happen even before you even know that they have made a change).