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PaletteOrdermatching streamlines the processing of incoming invoices giving you better control of deliveries. Price, quantity and item number are all matched to orders.


Matching made easy with advanced management of variances

PaletteOrdermatching is a module for matching invoices to purchase orders. Incoming invoices and purchase orders can be matched at the invoice level, or line level for itemised invoices. You can also match to an order number or delivery number and amount. One invoice can contain records from multiple purchase orders and one purchase order can be matched to multiple invoices, whether they have been delivered in part or in full. The basic idea is to automate the process as far as possible. You should be able to put your energy into dealing with the variances.

PaletteOrdermatching is part of the PaletteArena software suite, which today has off-the-shelf integration solutions for around 50 of the most common ERP systems.


Even variances can be automated

By working actively with the matching statistics, you can engage in a dialogue with those suppliers where many variances are occurring to facilitate further automation. Limits on how much an invoice may vary from an order can be set at the invoice level, or line level for itemised invoices. You can set these upper and lower variance limits as both a percentage or exact amount. Different settings can be used for different companies and suppliers.