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With PaletteExpense you can automate one of any organisation’s most time consuming tasks– employee expenses.


Simplify the processing of expenses

Different employees make different types of outlays with different payment types. This is a process that can be very time-consuming and requires active participation from your employees in order to work. It is rarely painless and a constant source of frustration. PaletteExpense is the tool that makes it easier for the employee to provide fast and accurate information to the accounts payable department.

The system gives you full control over expenses and an excellent overview of advance payments and reconciliations.


Help employees shorten the expense lead time

PaletteExpense makes it fast and easy for your employees to report their expenses immediately. The employee simply photographs the receipt with their smartphone or tablet and e-mails it to the system. This allows employees to report expenses at any time, wherever they are. The employee can even scan the receipt and save the file locally on their computer, then upload the scans directly into PaletteExpense.