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Product Sheet PaletteE-invoice

E-invoicing made easy- More paper removed in a shorter time frame than any other e-invoicing approach.


Get started – It’s easy

Simply connect your customers and suppliers through our onboard service. Mail receipt, handling, preparation and scanning will become things of the past. We ensure that you receive e-invoices in the format you prefer with the reference you need to manage invoice workflow until payment. If you choose to send customer invoices, you will avoid time consuming printing, folding, inserting into envelopes, applying stamps and delivering to the postal service.

If you use any of our PaletteArena products you know that e-invoicing is a critical part of streamlining the entire business process from purchase to payment.


Easier management means satisfied customers

By using PaletteE–invoice, both you and your clients enjoy a more efficient invoicing process. Whether you receive or send e-invoices, our wide range of formats ensure that you can interact with all your trading partners. Our Palette solution handles Edifact, XML or any system-specific format and we also handle attachments with the invoice, if needed.