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PaletteDashboard is the function that gives you the real picture and helicopter view.


Further efficiencies with KPIs

Our product suite PaletteArena automes your core business processes and gives you big efficiency gains. With PaletteDashboard, you can further increase effectiveness to the next level. With its complete picture of current status, flows and important key ratios, you can identify bottlenecks in the organization and opportunities for improvement. The increased control that you get from using PaletteArena and PaletteDashboard is also used by many to renegotiate payment terms and volume discounts with suppliers, for example.

PaletteDashboard is the control panel that gives you an overview, full control and ideas for further efficiencies.


Communicate and inform

Making sure that the right people have access to the right information makes good sense. In PaletteDashboard, you easily control who can see what. This instant and convenient overview makes it easier for your employees to always have access to the latest information and to act on the basis of being well-informed. You can also use PaletteDashboard to communicate with all your Palette users.