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Agreements and Contracts are an ideal starting point for our product suite– automation from purchase to payment.


Eliminate authorising invoices time and time again

With PaletteContract you will eliminate the need to spend time on repeatedly authorising the same monthly invoice time and time again. Our intuitive system matches, checks and processes all invoices related to contracts. This is also applicable if you receive deposit slips rather than invoices too. In addition, PaletteContract can also self generate invoices on a contract (self-billing).

PaletteContract is part of the PaletteArena software suite, which today has off-the-shelf integration solutions for most common ERP systems.


You have full control and fast access

Web-based PaletteContract simplifies and changes your organisation’s way of working with contracts. It functions as an electronic contract database that you can search and is always accessible. With its flexible permission structure, you can decide who can see information and who should only receive processing reminders before the critical dates in contracts. With contracts readily accessible in your organisation your compliance and efficiency improves. If you have access to information you also have responsibility.