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Product Sheet PaletteCapex

With PaletteCapex a project or investment budget can be approved in advance to assure automation at the planning stage.


An add-on product to PaletteBuyer

PaletteCapex is a product for managing Capex requests. By connecting PaletteCapex to PaletteBuyer orders can be matched to project or investment budgets. You gain full control over the project costs and receive early warning signals when the budget is in danger of being exceeded.

PaletteCapex provides enhanced cost control, greater budget compliance and better tools for financial planning.


An automated flow

When a capital expenditure need arises in your organisation, you simply set up a Capex request in PaletteCapex. When the investment budget is entered, it is authorised based on the same authorisation rules used for all products in PaletteArena. In PaletteBuyer, there is then a check that the requisition amount does not exceed the authorised Capex request amount.

Via the Reports function, you can then easily navigate to and get information about purchases and their investment budgets, and drill down further to individual purchase orders and matched invoices. This provides a comprehensive picture of the flow, not only from purchase to pay but also from req-to-cheque.