Outbound invoices

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Outbound invoices takes your invoicing to the next level. It’s cost effective and less time consuming.


Outbound invoices- Help make a better environment

Palette help you streamline the invoicing process to your customers. By sending invoices to your customers electronically instead of paper, you can eliminate all the time spent producing the invoice. You will also enjoy a better relationship with your customers.

Expand your network further by on-boarding new business partners in our Service Portal. Search, invite and connect. It’s that simple!

Even if your system cannot send e-invoices just use our Virtual Printer to generate an e-invoice.


Reach all of your customers

With PaletteNetwork’s Outbound invoices, you can send invoices to all your customers. Palette can distribute your invoices as e-invoices, printed and sent through regular mail, e-mail your invoice and even send it to your customer’s internet bank.