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Order related documents – an easy way to send all kinds of electronic documents to anyone.


Any type of electronic document

Palette can handle more than e-invoice transactions. We also handle electronic orders, orders confirmations, contracts, price lists, delivery notes etc.

At Palette, our goal is to communicate as many electronic business transactions as possible instead of using traditional paper based processes.

This saves both time and money, increases data accuracy while protecting our environment for future generations.

PaletteNetwork handles all the logistics ensuring delivery of the correct document to the correct system in the correct format. We make a very difficult task extremely easy.


Seamless connection between business partners via Palette’s network

It’s easy to connect to your business partners in our Network portal. Invite business partners and start sending and receiving electronic documents.

Search, invite and connect. It’s that simple! Go electronic today and greatly reduce paper, time and cost. We process, translate and deliver your electronic documents in any format, all around the world.