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When you automate invoice processing, efficiency increases throughout the organisation. PaletteInvoice takes care of routine tasks, so you can focus other areas of the business.


Automate your invoice processing with a modern solution

PaletteInvoice is a proven, user-friendly and complete system for supplier invoice processing. The idea is simple: simplicity makes for a smarter approach. We know that your time is precious and that is why we automate flows to take care of all correct invoices by matching them to purchase orders and contracts. You can then focus your expertise on any deviations or errors. PaletteInvoice can process all supplier invoices –no matter what format they arrive in whether as an e-invoice, an e-mailed PDF or a scanned image.

PaletteInvoice can handle multiple companies in parallel in corporate structures. It also has off-the-shelf processing solutions for integration with over 50 leading ERP systems.


Access your invoice processing via smartphone, web browser or e-mail

PaletteInvoice has an easy-to-use user interface that works on multiple platforms. Your employees will be up and running in no time with minimal training. The system’s accessibility allows you to authorise payments any time and anywhere. It speeds up the invoice processing, doesn’t steal time from your employees’ ordinary tasks, and gives a much clearer status overview for liquidity planning and cash management.