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Start your automation and expand your business network with Inbound invoices from Palette


Streamline your process and save time by using Inbound invoices

It’s no secret that paper invoice processing is time consuming and expensive. Receiving electronic invoices from suppliers will free up staff time so they can concentrate on more value added tasks. Electronic invoices cost less and are more accurate. Replacing paper invoices with e-invoices will greatly reduce manual data errors and also eliminate scanning and OCR.

Palette make sure that e-invoices include all the data that you require to process the invoice in workflow from receipt to payment.


Onboard new suppliers with ease

Expand your network by on-boarding new business partners in our Network Portal. Search, invoice and connect. It’s that simple.
Palette also includes a web based invoice portal where smaller companies, who cannot send e-invoices, can register their invoices manually as e-invoices.

The web invoice portal enforce your invoicing requirements and every invoice is checked for data integrity when registered in the system. Only invoices meeting your requirements will be sent. If anything is missing or incorrect the supplier gets immediate feedback and can take corrective action.