Brand one of the world’s leading AP automation platforms as your own

Improve your bottom line and broaden your product offerings.

Compliant & Secure

Palette is the accounts payable automation software being offered to US and international banks, accounting firms, ERP-managed service providers, and BPOs. White Label partners receive dedicated account management, configurable solutions, and internationalization capabilities for their specific country, language, currency, and compliance requirements.

Here are some of the benefits each White Label partner receives:

  • Promote your brand

    Login pages and dashboards put your brand front and center.

  • Avoid risk

    Leverage world-class technology without the risk of costly platform infrastructure, specialized skills, and software development.

  • Leave technical support to us

    Give your customers access to a world-class support team with training and consultation.

  • Offer compliance

    Palette’s platform accreditations include HIPAA, SOC 1, SOC 2, SO 27001, PEPPOL, GDPR, and Sarbanes-Oxley.

For accounting firms

Increase services to shore up auditing and CPA functions of SMB accounts. Offer more efficient tax accounting and auditing with SOX compliance. See the business case.

For BPOs

Broaden your product offerings to include invoice processing and automation, an archive for scanned documents, and a platform for outsourced AP services. See the business case.

For independent software vendors (ISV)

Increase recurring revenue and add service income with a world-class AP Automation platform for your customers. See the business case.

For banks

Maximize bank product penetration into key accounts. Palette adds an essential service supporting treasury management operations and supply chain finance initiatives.

For ERP-managed service providers

Lock clients into a proven subscription model that improves business processes and meets strict compliance standards.

I have been managing the Palette relationship for a number of years and the level of support and cooperation has always been great. The partnership has been excellent in all areas from product support to sales and marketing. Palette have provided us with the training and support to enable us to ensure excellent record of implementation across Australia and New Zealand.

Ken Hickey
Head of Business Process Solutions at Converga, Australia

Partner Success Stories

Simac Document Solutions

Simac Document Solutions and Palette initiated their partnership in 2008 and today Simac is one of the largest Palette resellers in Europe.


Palette’s partner in Australia and New Zealand experiences growing demand for AP Automation.


Palette’s Canadian partner has expanded the business by offering a modern solution for AP and P2P automation.


Swedish software business Vitec develops comprehensive enterprise planning system for the construction and real estate industries.