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Kew Electrical has deployed a Purchase to Pay automation platform to streamline its invoicing process

We are happy to announce a deal done by our partner Canon and welcome Kew Electrical as a new customer!

From the Canon release:
Prior to the deployment, Kew Electricals was manually processing 96,000 supplier invoices for its 24 stores every year. The laborious and complex process involved the manual matching of invoices to delivery notes and purchase orders. This cycle took up almost all of the accounts payable team’s time and caused delays to closing Kew Electricals’ monthly accounts ledger.

Canon deployed an integrated, digital, end-to-end Purchase to Pay platform to migrate Kew Electricals’ invoicing to an automated cycle that would boost efficiency, productivity and procedural clarity. Incoming invoices are now automatically captured and channelled into clear and efficient workflows for processing.

Canon’s Purchase to Pay platform also securely syncs with Kew Electricals’ stock tracking system, to ensure that numbers become balanced when new invoices are received.

The automation of matching delivery notes, invoices and purchase orders has already resulted in an 80% improvement in Kew Electricals’ accounts payable capacity and efficiency. Read the whole release here

Print or share Publish date: 2017-01-18