Recurring Expenses for SAP Business One

Recurring Expenses is an intuitive solution that matches, verifies and processes invoices related to contracts.

Repeat invoices such as rentals, phone, internet contracts and other utilities can be automatically matched to account numbers or contracts, posted to the proper charge codes, and approved for payment.

  • Flexible permission structure
  • Archive and search all types of contracts
  • Send reminders when a contract is about to expire and has to be renewed
  • Send a reminder when an expected invoice hasn’t arrived
  • Matching of incoming invoices against the contract
  • Enable self-billing for contracts that do not have vendor invoices

In any given company about 15-25% of recurring invoices that can be set up as contracts or agreements. Some businesses might have more than 50% of their incoming invoices that could be set up as contract/agreements and handled automatically if they are within tolerances.

Full Integration with SAP Business One and SAP


Eliminate the time repeatedly authorizing monthly invoices.


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