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General Data Transfer for SAP Business One Integration

Palette uses native tools and methodologies to ensure that the business rules of your system, data control, and validation are applied to all data communication.

  • Master data residing in SAP Business One (such as general ledger and other accounts, suppliers, currency exchange rates, payment data) and business transaction data (such as purchase orders and delivery receipts) are brought into Palette for validation and workflows.
  • This data is regularly synchronized between Palette and SAP Business One in full or incrementally.
  • The transfer of approved/matched supplier invoices, employee expense forms, and other optional transactions such as purchase requisitions are sent for further processing and/or vouch ing by SAP Business One.
  • Data is exchanged between SAP Business One and Palette’s integration client entirely via SAP Business One’s Business Connector, API, or Webservices. All business logic is managed by SAP Business One, and any error messages from SAP Business One are sent to Palette. No data is directly written to or retrieved from the database.
  • Palette will guide you through the SAP Business One Integration

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