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E-invoicing, cost effective and time saving

After periods with increased efficiency of accounts payable management, many businesses have continued to further digitize their operations. Networks that connect buyers and sellers are growing and many of them have been successful and have exceeded expectations in introducing the e-invoice.

Other organizations have, for different reasons, had difficulties in introducing e-invoicing, or have come to a standstill in the number of e-invoice connections. There is a very clear desire to find new ways of reaching a higher ratio of e-invoices. It is not complicated to connect new suppliers and customers, and we know that each new connection will provide a higher volume of e-invoices.

Scanned invoices still dominate the market. Undoubtedly, the quality of the content of a scanned invoice is inferior compared to an e-invoice. With a scanned PDF invoice, automation becomes less effective and there is more manual work to handle. With simple, easy methods you can send or receive the invoices electronically, which will save time and money.

We also see that the PDF-invoice has been established as an e-invoice, although it does not provide the same effects on automation that are typically desired. Do we look at the PDF-invoice as a necessary component, or do we, who own the technology and knowledge, have possibilities to intervene with new innovative ways of working to achieve greater efficiency?

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