e invoice faq

E Invoicing FAQ

What is an e invoice?
An e invoice is a document in  electronic invoice format that is exchanged between suppliers and buyers.

What file format is an e invoice?

E invoices can be any electronic format that contains a data layer. Examples of acceptable formats include EDI, XML, Word, Excel, PDF, CSV, HTML and more.


What are the advantages of an e invoice?
E invoices can be entered into a buyer’s Accounts Payable system or ERP with 100% data accuracy and without any manual intervention.


How long does it take to set up e invoicng on the suppllier side?
The supplier only has to send the e invoice to a designated email address. Invoice capture software takes care of the rest.


What infrastucture changes do suppliers need?
There are no infrastructure requirements on the suppliers end, because most ERPs can output an invoice in PDF or other electronic format.


What is the cost of e invoicing for buyers?
Things to consider are user licenses and software costs. Look for subscription-based pricing based on volume that allows for an unlimited number of users.


What is the cost of e invoicing for suppliers?
The supplier incurs no cost, since electronic invoices are emailed to a specific supplier address.


What data accuracy do you get with an e invoice?
Data accuracy rates are 100% with an e invoice, thanks to what is called structured invoice data. That means the invoice data can be read by o


What are the on-boarding rates for e invoicing?
On-boarding rates for e invoicing are high because there is no cost to suppliers, most ERPs can generate a PDF or other electronic format, and suppliers do not have to invest in structural changes in order to send the invoice by email.

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